LEVEL: ALL  STUDENT MAXIMUM: 25  COST: $125  EARLY BIRD RATE: $100 (good through 11/1)



COST: $125

EARLY BIRD RATE: $100 (good through 11/1)


master class workshop with International artist from barcelona, spain

1/12/2019     (9:00 am-5:00 pm)

Alberto Bustos is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics. Winner of numerous international competitions, he is now often asked to be a member of the jury of these competitions.

His work is in symbiosis with nature and pays tribute to it.  He mainly uses stoneware in his work and produces the most delicate, paper-like creations.

Bustos has always had great solicitude in the artistic fields. He started painting, but little by little he was captivated by the need to abandon the flat format and move to modeling. Basically self-taught, with attendance to courses and talks with fellow workers, Alberto Bustos is well known by those who follow his processes for the endless tests he performs to achieve seemingly impossible forms with ceramics.

In this one-day demonstration workshop, Alberto Bustos will discuss and demonstrate techniques he has developed and the tools he uses to form his sculptures and apply color pigments.  He will also discuss their use for different sculptural applications.  In addition, a video presentation and Q&A session will further enhance your understanding of his work and techniques.

Group will break for 1 hour lunch

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