Studio Policies


Austin Pottery is primarily a learning community. It contains potters of all levels of experience and knowledge. We encourage sharing and trying new methods. Above all, however, we need to ensure the safety of all and to protect the equipment and the works of others. Any use of outside materials must be approved, in advanced, by Austin Pottery management.

Please be respectful of others’ work. Do not touch or handle other individuals’ work unless you have received permission to do so. If pots on greenware shelves (ready to bisque) or glazed shelves (ready for glaze firing) need to be moved, enlist a teacher or studio employee to move other people’s pots. Since we are a teaching and hobby studio, our business model does not support production potters. If you have a specific need, please talk with management The term ‘user’ will be used to refer to students and renters with studio privileges; the ‘Studio’ will refer to the premises of Austin Pottery Studio & Gallery.

If there is anything you don’t understand, including the guidelines, please ask your instructor or studio employee.



  • Parking is available in front and in the lot behind the building. The back parking lot is accessed via a driveway from Shoalmont Dr. between the strip mall and first residential house.
  • When the Gallery is open, please leave the two spots open in front, on the left, in front of the windows, for customers.
  • Some parking is allowed on the neighborhood streets, but you must have a permit after 3 p.m. for many areas.
  • Be mindful of the signs about permit requirements if you park on the streets. Do not park at the Burnet Plaza or at the Futon Store.


Clay, Glaze and Firing


  • All clay used in the studio must be purchased from Austin Pottery. The clay price includes an additional amount that helps covers the materials and labor costs of the glazes and firings.
  • The Studio stocks a variety of high fire (C/10) clays. Each bag must be clearly labeled with the clay name (e.g. BMix, Br S/W; 628, Dillo White, etc), C/10, and user’s name.

Marking work

  • All work is to be clearly signed or marked before it makes its way to the shelf for bisque firing. This will help the kiln loaders identify the maker if they have any questions. Any unmarked work will be placed on the ‘Unmarked’ area of the shelves and will not be fired.
  • Only registered students or studio renters may use the studio equipment and tools. Friends and family are welcome to visit during open studio hours but they may not make pots. Only the work of registered students and studio renters may be glazed and fired at Austin Pottery.


  • Use only the glazes and washes provided by the studio.
  • Glazing during the user’s first sessions must be done under the supervision of their instructor until they have their approval for glazing independently.
  • The kiln loaders are handling everyone’s works and must know what they are dealing with for their safety and the safety of everyone’s works. An accurate glaze slip is required of all items to be glazed.
  • Any items the loader deems as ‘unsafe’ to fire will be placed on the ‘Oops Shelves’. Please check those shelves periodically.
  • No glaze on bottom ¼ inch of pot
  • Clean off any outer waxed areas of all glaze material.
  • Always thoroughly wipe the bottom of your pots with a clean damp sponge before placing on the ‘to be glaze fired’ shelves.

Glaze drips during firing

  • Drips happen, but you can prevent it! To avoid this inconvenient embarrassment, make sure your pots have clean bottoms and the glaze isn't too thick on the lower half.
  • If your pot drips or sticks to a kiln shelf, a Studio manager will assess the damage and make sure your pot is safe to handle. A grinding fee or replacement fee may be charged for the damaged shelf.
  • You may, occasionally, place a bisque tile under your work for the shelf’s protection. This is not an acceptable method to handle poor glazing as it creates additional effort for the kiln loaders. Do not apply oxides, stains, etc. on the bottom of your work as that can stain the shelves.


Cleaning, Dust and Safety

  • It is a paramount goal of the Studio to control the amount of dust in the Studio. The dust of clay bodies and some glaze materials can be respiratory irritants. Repeated, prolonged exposure to silica dust, due to its small size, can lead to long-term health problems.

  • It is the responsibility of all users to clean up any areas, equipment, and tools that they have used. The floor around your work area must also be cleaned. Cleaning must be done with wet sponges or mops. Sweeping of dried clay causes dust to become airborne for hours. Only sweep up clay trimmings from the floor while they are still moist. User’s shelves are to be cleaned

  • Any sanding, grinding, etc., must be done outside, away from other work.

  • Shoes are to be worn at all time at the Studio. Specialized equipment, including extruders and slab tables, can only be used after proper instruction.


Studio Hours / Open Studio, Studio Access and Class Schedules

  • Open studio refers to times when students can work on their own. Students must be able to work independently. Generally, times when classes are not occurring during normal studio hours, is considered ‘open studio’ time. The schedule will be available on-line and posted in the studio.
  • Open studio ends 30 minutes before evening class sessions start to allow clearance of the parking spaces.
  • Other times may be set aside for general studio maintenance or events, please consult the Events calendar and studio notice boards for updates.
  • Students not returning for next class session may not make new wet work on their last class but they may finish pots (trimming and glazing only) during the first two weeks of the next session during open studio hours.
  • Co-op and studio renters must work in their areas during classes but may work in the open studio space during open studio if it is not full with student use. Students have priority for the glaze area during classes.
  • Co-Op & Studio renters must clear out by 9:30 pm Mon-Thurs so teachers can lock up.
  • Class Schedules for the 7 and 8 week sessions are established around certain major U.S holidays that Austin Pottery Studio will be closed for. Prorated class registration fees or refunds are not given for missed classes otherwise.


Studio Etiquette

  • Food and drink is to be consumed only in the kitchen area. Please clean up after yourself and wipe down any surfaces as needed. Studio dishes are to be washed with the detergent in the studio bathroom sink; no solid items in sink, please. Only the studio restroom has hot water access.
  • Coffee and condiments are for everyone. Do not take food from the refrigerator unless it is yours. Label all items you place in the refrigerator (name & date). Please empty all containers before placing in the kitchen area recycling bins. The refrigerator will be clean regularly with reckless abandon.
  • Alcohol is only allowed at events such as end of session potlucks and gallery events.
  • No smoking or vaping on the premises.
  • No fire arms, concealed or otherwise.


Refund Policy

  • For 7 and 8 Week For 7 and 8 Week Sessions - Refunds (less a $25 administrative fee) are available up to 14 days before the first day of class, after which point no refund will be given. Registration fees are not transferable to other future classes. A minimum of 3 participants is required to make the class. Low registration numbers will result in cancellation and a full refund. Prorated class registration fees or refunds for missed classes are not provided.
  • For One-Time Classes - No refunds are available for cancellation, late arrival, or no-shows.  Registration fees may be transferable to other future one-time classes only if the minimum number of participants is retained in the original class to make the class. The minimum of participants required to make the class is 4 for Pots with Patty and 2 for Clay with Camille. Low registration numbers will result in cancellation and a full refund.


Please see a manager if you have any questions about the studio policies.

At Austin Pottery, we aim to create a fun and safe environment!